Type of Title:Full-time

No.of Recruitment:1

Offer Date:2020-05-12 09:37:57

Date of Expiry:Long-term

Title Description:

Master's Degree in Accounting required. 

1. Prepare and maintain regular financial planning reports, profit and loss forecasts, budget and cash flow

2. Generate charts and maintain journal entries, general ledger for multiple projects

3. Responsible for examining and analyzing company’s financial records and determining ways to reduce costs and increase revenue

4. Responsible for implementing and reviewing accounting policies and rules established by management, including for purchasing construction materials, renting equipment, and paying labor expenses

5. Responsible for implement and reviewing procedures and protocols designed by management that reduce the risk of waste, fraud and abuse, including policies regarding employee reimbursement

6. Responsible for making presentations to project manager and general manager regarding the fiscal state of the company on a weekly and monthly basis

Work Site: El Monte, CA    Mail resumes to USA Realty Construction Group, Inc.,  9911 Valley Blvd., El Monte, CA 91731.



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