Town House Plaza-Yichang
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The project is located in Yichang City , which is the largest city for hydropower and energy resources of the whole country and the gateway of West Hubei Province in central China . Yichang is a place propitious for giving birth to great men and green hills and clear waters, its economy of every industry develops quickly, and real estate development, in particular, will rise year by year with the increase of urban comprehensive economic strength.

Town House Plaza-Yichang stands at Xilingyi Road , which is the most prosperous prime street integrating finance and business. At present, the road is the prime section with the most high-rise building, the similar to Jianshe Avenue of Wuhan , Xidan Street of Beijing and Huaihai Road of Shanghai .

Being building both for commerce and residence with complete corresponding equipments, the first floor of the mansion bears hotel-styled lobby of several hundred square meters, property management, guards and customer service, which have improved property quality, and at the same time increased commercial/residential safety security and service functions.

Life corresponding equipments including adult recreation center, children's Elysium, gymnasium, minityped department store and convenience store are set at both sides of the lobby on the first floor. The humanized design and development thought is second to none in Yichang by far. At the same time, the first to third floors own department store and hotel-styled atrium of several hundred square meters and the function increases the commercial/residential value of the whole mansion.

The specific functions of each floor and the layout are as follows:

The first floor, near to Xilingyi Road , the frontispiece, and to Renmin Road and Xinmin Road , the lateral facade, belongs to independent stores and is fit for investment and real estate.

The second and third floors belong to commercial/residential building (the planarity is designed according to residential planarity) and they could be used for office building. For there is large atrium and wide road,the two floors are fit for investment and real estate besides residence, for example, they could be rented for office building by enterprises.

The fourth to twenty-fifth floors belong to pure commercial/residential building and they are designed as residential layout. Being located in good section, they are fit for residence, at the same time, they are fitted to be rented for office building. This has been proved by the Diamond Mansion Project at Jianghan Road Walking Street of Wuhan City developed by the company. By the type of commercial and residential integration, we provide reasonable and high-profit rent for most housing purchase people of investment and real estate, and let them take back investment and loan in short time, at least guaranteeing loan by rent is out of question.

In addition, the characteristics of our building are as follows: Each family has closed-end balconies; and in order to assure the city image, outer platforms specially for the main machine of air-condition are equipped under all the windows of parlor and bedroom balconies. The project also has top-grade outer building decoration, its rooftop adopts sailing style planar modeling, and the lateral facade adopts high-grade external wall tile. The first to third floors adopt marble tile and their windows adopt green aluminum alloy and planar green float glass; all the public aisles are fitmented with glass floor tile following star-grade hotels , all of which make people feel that they have come back to a magnificent home.

Investment and real estate in Town House Plaza-Yichang will make you live and work in peace and contentment, and investing Town House Plaza-Yichang will make you enjoy modern life.

View of the street view of Town House Plaza-Yichang project: Click Here


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